HANABI SKY was born from my lifelong love (and borderline obsession) for documenting life. i have always been the girl with far too many opinions and much too stuffed with curiosity and wonder for the world. from when i'd first discovered the wonderful world of blogs and blogging (diaryland, holla!), i have never learnt how to stop writing, re-writing, un-writing and re re-writing and it has now been years. after a stint of hiding this little corner of the internet of mine away from the prying eyes of the world, i have once again, decided to publish this webspace on the world wide web but with newfound purpose: to share love. salute love. and above all, spread love. it is my celebration of my time alive. my homage to the million, billion, trillion, zillion sentiments i have and hold. above all, it is my personal testament to how much a girl can drive herself to when all she has is nothing but time and an infinite thirst for adventure and experience.
all published content on this site are original work(s) unless otherwise stated. opinions expressed and implied are purely my own. please seek explicit permission(s) for use, replication and/or republication of any content published on and within this site.
merci vraiment beaucoup.