i am feeling quite accomplished today on account of having completed the following tasks:

  1. my pre-employment medical check.
  2. returning the rogue keycard i had found in juneau.
  3. making a drugstore run.
  4. taking the trash out for the day.
  5. severing ties—it had been long overdue.

the more time passes, the more my emotional strength becomes apparent (to me). when it comes to ending fake friendships, leaving things/people—i no longer feel weighed down by guilt and helplessness. as a matter of fact, i do not even feel the slightest pressure to provide justification/s. in addition, i am also aware that i have definitely become braver to confront people and situations head on. i no longer feel encumbered by a cloud of fear and worry that i may be misunderstood, disregarded, ridiculed, rebuked and/or rejected. i suppose in a lot of ways, i have really grown. i feel so much more (emotionally) independent now and i can genuinely confess that i am no longer crippled by my fear of being 100% alone.

four sleeps till the start of a new (professional) life for me. i will not lie, i am really very crushed to be saying goodbye to my life of leisure.