i have been making up for the fact that i was not able to celebrate my birthday month in its fullest as i usually do. that means: lots of mermaid stuff! (well, when i say lots, i mean what i am able to find scouring the internet, of course.)

got these beautiful brushes that are amazingly proper weighted. the range of brushes are not super diverse but i did pretty much only buy them for aesthetic value. in that department, i must say, these well exceeded my expectations hence i am satisfied with the purchase.

i also bought this beautiful oliva burton watch from their Under The Sea collection. admittedly, up until some days ago when i had googled "mermaid watch", i did not have the faintest idea of the brand's existence. but their watches are gorgeous and i was genuinely so torn. i had almost bought this but ultimately made my choice based on the fact that this one's face actually indicates the minutes and i would not need to guesstimate my time-telling as that sort of defeats the purpose of wearing a watch.

i did not purchase via their official website otherwise i would most likely have ended up getting this version instead but i love what i have nonetheless. and if this design were to have a face indicating the minutes, i would be making my second purchase. oh, well.

i have been in the mood to purge of late (so much so that i end up giving myself a friction burn. d'oh!). as such, i find myself packing things away in cardboard boxes and paperbags to be given away. made a couple of calls to these so-called junk/waste disposal companies but they keep wanting to charge me an exorbitant fee for pick-up. consequently, the packed boxes and paperbags are now quietly awaiting their fate in juneau's backseat. come tuesday, i shall take a drive around my neighbourhood to see where i could leave them myself.

doll reckons i ought to just leave them out by the trash can but i doubt trash collectors would spare the time separating through items—they would most likely just dump them all in a landfill which is not what i want. this is the pain point of purging. if only there was a standard go-to spot for me to leave all these items i no longer want. i would definitely be more diligent with cleaning out my room. let us see what tuesday's adventure uncovers then.