i hate to admit this but it is true. often times, if something seems too good to be true... it is. and i would say that the best thing people can do for themselves is to really trust their instincts. as it turns out, the "offer" they had decided to present to me was really almost laughable. first and foremost, i had been asked in two separate conversations why i had made the decision to leave my last employment and i had told them specifically that i had no desire to remain on that sort of time schedule any longer. guess what they had stipulated in their offer to me? that i would be keeping the same hours as my former job.

face. palm.

clearly, they had not bothered paying attention. in the first interview i had, it was said that i would be working on a different time schedule. had it been clear from the get-go that i was to keep my old hours, i would genuinely not have even bothered to go through the second.

the second red flag was their refusal to send through an official offer letter. apparently, i needed to confirm my acceptance before they would do so. i am entirely uncertain in which universe a person would blindly say yes to entering into any form of partnership but it was really unsettling and fortunately, i am now old wise enough to know better. and finally, the wage.

man. this is the part that legitimately irks me to no end.

i genuinely wish that companies would just be transparent when it comes to the pay range they are willing to offer rather than ask for an expectation and then (almost deliberately, it feels like) undercut. it is time-wasting, uncomfortable and just all around aggravating. surely, there will already an allocated budget for the hiring and surely, in the interest of time and ease, it would simply make more sense to advertise the salary. undercutting and/or forcing a negotiation is one thing, berating someone for disclosing their expectation, though? jeeze. what in hell is that. not that i have ever been, thankfully. though, quite honestly, i personally would not stand for it. and do you know what, it actually speaks volumes about the company and i really would not want any sort of affiliation to that sort of shit. not in the slightest.

i was disappointed, not going to lie. but for every door that closes, another opens so luckily, there is still hope yet(!) it feels like i am now in the home stretch but in the spirit of not wanting to jinx anything will continue holding my breath until i have hard confirmation.