i have to say that this is a wonderful, wonderful time to be alive.

i may be writing several pieces on this in the days to come but trust me when i say that i cannot be happier for this to have come to light. men have, for so long, gotten away with so much; i can only say that this has been such a long time coming and i am SO GLAD that i have made it to this point in time where women are finally collectively standing up to take back the power.

first and foremost, i will say that prior to today, i had no clue who any of these individuals are but after having done my reading, i am so very glad that this girl has found the courage to take a stand against a fuckboy. wrong as it may be to persecute one for the sins of so many others, i genuinely hope that he will become another example to mean enough is enough.

sure, the argument might be that young women need to smarten up themselves, too but the truth of the matter remains: females will always be more susceptible to emotional manipulation and men who continuously prey on and take advantage of this fact need to be punished.

there is SO MUCH to unpack. and the reality for me is that it hits so much closer to home. locally, there are notorious fuckboys within our midst and i really and truly wish that i, too, have the power to expose these individuals purely so that young women know to steer clear of them and quit buying into this narrative that men hold all the cards. and then again, it goes back to: it takes two hands to clap and the other toxic belief that all women seem to be blinded by:
maybe i could be the one he loves enough to change/be good for.
it might be sad but it is a fact: no one can save anyone who does not actually want to be saved. i do not believe that there is ever only one side to blame. in the first place, all females should be loved and taught well enough of their worth so that they will know never to accept anything less and in that same breath, men should be loved and taught well enough to know that they are not above any one person or thing so that they would not exist in this world believing that they are entitled to everything.

at this present time, i am reeling from the fact that this individual has now been officially added to the cancelled list. i have to say that i applaud brands for recognising they have a responsibility to society at large and it is my genuine hope and wish (as an advertising graduate, i would like to add) that some day (very) soon, influencer marketing and celebrity endorsements would have higher, more stringent regulations and that brands would quit relying on tactics and gimmicks that are easy.

i will say more in subsequent posts. for now, i have a salad that is calling my name.