another really chill weekend—my absolutely favourite. i am excited to be receiving my second dose tomorrow! have it all over and done with.

i can honestly say that i am (so) grateful for all of this staying at home. more than ever, i appreciate that i am able to exist blissfully in this bubble and have the opportunity to compound on my savings. also, i am genuinely appreciating all of this time and all of this proximity i get to have with my paternal grandmother. i know that this is the kind of gift that will last me lifetimes to come therefore, i am even more thankful and if i could, i would stay in this blissful bubble forever.

i feel like 'tis the season to be cleansing. i am presently working on packing up all of the things that i no longer have any need/use for and it might be that i am subconsciously galvanised for the start of a new life. also working on: recalibrating my circadian rhythm. (although, this, i feel will always be a futile endeavour.) and for no other reason than simply wanting to, i have successfully mastered my first tiktok dance(!) whoa.