a new season of Love Island USA is upon us. i write this post four episodes in so a lot of my initial thoughts and preferences have now shifted from the very first episode. no spoilers, of course but i will say that i find it rather sad whenever absolutely stunning women begin to lose sight of their worth and start giving the men way more credit than they have earned.

my current favourites are: william from the men's team and cashay from the women's. i am rooting for the both of them to succeed but i think both shannon and trina are incredibly good looking. i had thought that of joshua and jeremy initially but upon watching on, i have come to find joshua's voice rather unbearable and jeremy i think should be dumped from the island because i do not believe he is actually looking for love. so, scram already!

watching this show always makes me introspect on how i operate in relationships with both men and women. it is really rather enlightening. though, i am aware that it is still a television show hence there is a very real (and large) possibility that all of the decisions these contestants make are for the sake of dramatising events and outcomes.

i would actually love the opportunity to participate on Love Island if i could. i would simply choose one man from the first day and stick with him throughout the duration of the competition in order to win the whole thing. best case scenario: we genuinely fall in love and win. worst case scenario: we just fake it till we actually make it (to the end)! either way, it will be a win-win for me and if the outcome is the latter then all i would have to do is wait a couple of months after the end of the show to break up. done deal.