i am beginning to realise with age that there are a lot of things that have the ability to set me off. accordingly, for the purpose of personal development, i am going to list these pet peeves and hopefully make note of which ones i would be able to work to overcome if not eliminate entirely eliminate.

this pet peeve is long-standing so there is not much hope of eliminating this one, i will be honest: extreme tardiness. i well and truly loathe unpunctuality as i find it disrespectful. this was a value seared in me from a young age. and to be clear, being a couple of minutes off the mark, even five or 10 is not a terrible ordeal but anything beyond a half hour is definitely taking the piss.

another thing that really grinds my gears—people who do not think before asking a question. now, i do not believe that there are stupid questions but i do believe that there are illogical ones. for example: if somebody tells you they will not be available at a specific date and time for a meeting, please do not proceed to follow-up with: in the event the interviewer is unable to accommodate you at a different time on that date, would it be alright for you to honour their proposed time on that specific date?

i mean. the answer is glaringly obvious, no?

next; pointlessness. i suppose i should say that what i cannot tolerate are things that fail to make simple sense. i.e. when i have made an appointment but i am still told to wait once i have arrived in time for it. what was the point of setting the appointment then? also, when people have strange "rules" for when they interact with new people such as, "you can only ask me these specific set of questions" or "i will only respond to text messages and voice notes, i will not respond to calls." it is annoying, shady and fussy—ain't nobody got time for that.

finally, people who have zero consideration and/or respect for others. this, i feel, is really quite self-explanatory and the one thing i refuse to accept is especially when a request is explicitly made to keep the information divulged confidential yet the request is completely dishonoured.

having written out this list, i actually do not find my pet peeves unreasonable. what i will say, however, is that i can do proactively work on becoming a lot better with my patience when confronted with people and situations that are (potentially far) less than ideal for me. i really want to quit snapping at people once and for all and will instead make a conscious effort to take a breath before i respond. should not be too difficult to accomplish, i think.