how is it that i always begin with a thought, an idea, a mental note, a rough sketch of what i plan on writing about next yet always end up deviating the minute this page loads and this totally blank canvas stares back at me. once, i had remembered seeing a girl fill her own (familiar) totally blank canvas in a starbucks. it had amused me. i had almost asked if i could have her url. i am not sure what this post will end up becoming—five paragraphs in, this has all been a sheer freestyle. it sure has been a while since i have done this.

today's most notable achievements are as follows:

  1. swapping out my facial stud for the tiniest one possible.
  2. spending 27myr on extra facial studs (thanks, lazada).
  3. responding to one hr personnel with presumed short-term memory loss via text.
  4. watching one netflix movie.
  5. constructing and subsequently, consuming one mackerel and sliced cheese sandwich.
  6. following up on my final paycheque.
  7. did laundry, topped up both my water bottles and took out the trash.
  8. updated all the wallpapers and notification tones on bijoux.
  9. received the spectacles frame i had ordered off e-bay (lenses of which i will fit once i have secured my next paycheque).
  10. finished eating an entire cake with no help from anybody else and in spite of my lactose intolerance. yikes.

achievement numéro onze would be my publishing this blog post—keep the streak alive! and i must confess that i really am so very grateful for not having any distractions or excuses to (conveniently) hide behind anymore. i love that i now get to write. of course, inspiration always makes it easier but all of this time and solitude at my disposal forces consistency. oo-rah.

it does not feel like a friday. for once, it actually feels like a monday or a tuesday. i have half a mind to launch myself into a personal mission of book reading but the mere idea of that sort of commitment at present utterly intimidates me. perhaps when i am feeling more kamikaze i just might. ending this abruptly because my lactose intolerance has decided to speak up and as one could predict, it is not (in the least) flippant.