i completed watching all 10 episodes of Never Have I Ever S2 in a day and it is so aggravatingly true that timing is a total bitch when it comes to love. every time you want somebody, they want somebody else and as soon as you begin to (with great pain) move on is when they will somehow simultaneously realise that they cannot be without you.

i had initially been diehard team gross but having come to the end of the season, i am now more supportive of hall-yoshida only because he seems to make vishwakumar so happy. for the record, i do not think both these teenaged boys have earned a lot of favour from me following the two-timing fiasco. however, i do feel that hall-yoshida deserved some credit for neither rebounding nor using someone else to retaliate. i mean, i thought that it was weak he had needed validation (from a teacher, at that) to give vishwakumar another chance but i suppose the character is allowed to be flawed.

this show is such a reminder of how people will always make the mistake of taking the ones they have for granted. and how sad is it that most only truly learn the value of someone, of something, once they no longer have it. for the record, between a gross and a hall-yoshida, my obvious choice would, of course, be the former. i find that hall-yoshidas are good for an ego boost/cool cred but they will often drain you and end up leaving you empty whereas grosses are good for your overall sense of self on a much deeper level and usually end up filling you all the way up to the brim—and does not stop.