i have just finished watching this documentary and it is absolutely horrifying to the core that such sick individuals are allowed to work closely with and exist alongside minors. i feel as if there needs to be greater screening processes for such industries—assessments and extensive background checks ought to be constantly conducted especially prior to allowing any person/s to "volunteer" themselves and/or their services.

also, i am really, really glad that more and more there is action being taken against predators and more conversations taking place. more awareness. although i wish i could say there is less victim shaming, sadly, i feel that this is something that still happens. and the saddest part about victim shaming is when it comes from people of the same gender—women shaming women and men shaming men. my hope is for victim shaming to completely be eradicated some day but i am not sure that my hope is realistic.

truthfully, support is everything. what i know now as a grown-up is that anything of the sort should never be looked at lightly regardless of its nature. if there is ever something that does not appear to be healthy or right, action needs to be taken. always trust your instincts. always tell somebody.