i am a little shook that tomorrow will be such a loaded day for me—i have three video calls scheduled at 1300, 1500 and 1700, respectively and i am hoping that there will not be any running over. friday will be my earliest start yet in a while. i am honestly ready for final offers to roll in so i can just quit this excruciating, repetitive lunacy already!!

a really nice surprise today had been receiving an e-mail with positive feedback. i must admit that it has become increasingly uncommon for me to read praise from corporate representatives especially at such an early stage and i personally feel that it is owed to this archaic, ongoing You Need Us More Than We Actually Need You comportment pertaining to employment. i am really wanting to move away from such (deep rooted) toxicity and because i am always appreciative of candour, that single e-mail has now given me an alternative to set my heart on. at any rate, though, my sincere hope is for the offers i will ultimately receive to be fair and just.

stepped away from writing this post for a bit to do some quick reading on one of the companies i will be interviewing with and my, my, my did a whole lot come to light. i am actually glad to have caught this as it has, no doubt, helped me decide on which questions i want to have answered in tomorrow's session. this just goes to show, kids. preparation pays.