these days, this is how i look—messy (bed) hair, zero make-up on and the slouchiest outfits. i could live like this forever. but if i were to actually get the job that i have my heart set on then it would mean needing to shop for five simple outfits i can rotate throughout the week—such is my life now. i am 100% all for uniforms again.

speaking of jobs (jobs, jobs!!), i had an unexpected e-mail come through a couple of hours ago which required me to complete an assessment. i was thinking to leave it till the morning but i just ended up getting it over and done with and sending it right off. monday is not even fully over and out of the way just yet but i am already over this entire week, it feels like(!).

also, thankfully, finally, i have received my last paycheque as promised and this crazy chapter of my life is, at long last, dunzo. AMEN.