prepare two days for an video call that would end in 30 minutes? welcome to my life.

i will not lie—i feel utterly diddled. "prepare more" had been the advise i was given hence i had launched myself right into a 72 hour cram fest. one that had ultimately resulted in me feeling like i had barely slept a wink and a throbbing head. it would come to be that every choice i had decided to make today would turn out to be the wrong one. nonetheless, what is done has been so and though i had great desire to impress; i am not entirely sure that had been successfully achieved. mais c'est la vie.

we round off the week and begin again in t-four days.

it might just be that the very thing i have been wanting all along would finally want me in return. maybe. truth be told, the only plan i had had for myself was to accept the first offer made. suddenly, now, i wonder whether that would be wise.

what would be more sustainable? a job i would be happier doing but would pay lesser or, a job that would pay more but would be more soul-sucking? i have not always made all the right choices. but this time, it is as if i am afraid to make any at all.