every time the thought crosses my mind that i should write you all of what is really inside my heart, seal it with a kiss and send it in a letter—something always stops me. are you deserving of such deep emotions? these are all the things you have never wanted. least of all, from me. why you? i often ask God this, too.

you keep saying no but it sure sounds like you have caught feelings, everyone keeps saying. i want to scream at them that it is not this twisted "game" they keep believing it to be. i know you from a different place, a different time. i know i do. i feel it.

i want to un-know you now, i think. i am really not sure why our paths have crossed again in this place and time but i know that this time i am ready to be completely severed of the bond. you were never meant for me to hold. at least not for long.

everything about you will always only hurt me.