here is what we all need to do better in this generation: relationships.

yes, sex is fun and good and good and fun—it is designed to be otherwise reproduction would never happen and humankind would become extinct. but, it is not good to have sex with every single person you come into contact with, it is not fun when you contract sexually transmitted diseases and feel extreme shame to ask for help or be truthful about it to subsequent sexual partners and it is sure as hell not good and fun to continue perpetuating meaningless relationships.

some nights ago, i finished watching Too Hot To Handle S2 and while it started feeling way more similar to Love Island USA this time around, i thought the workshops were fantastic and if at all possible, i believe everybody should, at some point in their life, participate in such a retreat: bettering relationships with others but most important of all, yourself.

i have struggled with self-worth for almost three decades of my life. it is relatively new mastery for me but now i am totally unapologetic about the person i am and everything that i stand for and i can honestly say that i am so happy and thankful i no longer fear difficult conversations. yes, it took a whole lot of work (and man, was it hard) and unfortunately, it did involve burned bridges but being where i am now, being who i am, how i am—i see the pay off. i wish i had been a lot braver a lot sooner but growth always requires time. there are no shortcuts, no speed ups, no two ways about it.

my genuine wish is for more people to come to terms with truth. i am such an advocate of living authentically and sadly, there are so many who choose to preach "casual sex" as new philosophy—that if you are not on-board with this "lifestyle", then you are automatically sexist, traditional, conservative, out-of-date and simply, unworthy. it is truly disgusting, appalling and tragic and it is the lamest cover-up. it is so, so harrowing that this generation is one that runs on damage and post-traumatic stress.

if i could go back in time, i would tell my younger self that she is worth so much more than trashy one-night trysts and people who will never choose her. and then, i would hold her. for as long as it was possible.