finally got vaccinated today and my wish came true—it was pfizer's!! needless to say, i was over the moon. for anybody reading who is gearing up to receive theirs, here are two tips i will gladly pass along: one, bring a pen. two, arrive at your vaccination centre as early as possible because you may just have to deal with logistical issues such as finding a parking spot and needing to navigate the maze of stations. there are quite a number of checks to pass through and also, if you actually have an appointment time and date on your mysejahtera, you ask for a form at the entrance of your vaccination centre upon arrival and go right through. i had been misled by a clueless volunteer to stand in line and this was obviously a total waste of time. there is no queuing necessary when you are scheduled. the queuing would only apply to walk-ins.

also, with all of this insane hype that has been going around with conspiracies of empty syringes and fake injecting and whatnot, i made sure to politely ask if it was alright for me to watch. the nurse happily agreed and we even cracked a joke between us. if it is something you are concerned or worried about then, i would say, be alert. pay attention. keep your eyes open.

thus far, there is only numbness in my left arm where i was jabbed—no further side effects. here is hoping it would remain as such.