the air is still and there is a palpable coolness that only this time of day brings. with exactly 19 days to go before i supposedly complete one more trip around the sun, this continues to feel like a change-filled season; the extent of which is yet to be fully known. i cannot definitively describe all of my emotions—i only know that they seem to be ebbing and flowing with each passing day.

sports analogy dictates that the second half of the game is really what will reveal if triumph can still be possible or if all will truly be lost. these next couple of quarters may just bring along some very pleasant surprises—a girl can surely hope.

right now, the only thing i ought to do is honestly also the hardest thing: be still. i need to remember to stay calm, stay patient and above all, stay rooted in faith and God. in the meantime, i have decided to inject some (long-required) renewed purpose into this domain which i pay an annual fee to survive as i continue, to this day, to harbour this great irrational fear of some day forgetting my life. nevermind that it will not actually ever bear any real impact on the world at large, it would really only matter to me; the great irrational fear remains alive and well. therefore, whilst i am still fully capable of recall reckon i should do well to put it to use. besides, i have been itching for quite some time now to get back in the groove of writing—high time to dust off the rust(!)

just like riding a bicycle, right?