this story is told in mid-eastern folklore of this man who lost his horse that ran away. when the horse ran away, the neighbour came to him and sayd, "you know, bad luck, isn't it? your horse is gone."

he said, "what do i know about these things?"

few days later, the horse came back with 20 other wild horses and the neighbour came and sayd, "amazing! it's not bad luck—it's good luck! you've got 20 more!" the man says, "what do i know about these things?"

his young son is going and taming one of the new horses and a young horse kicks him and breaks his leg. the neighbour comes and says, "terrible, isn't it? your son's leg is broken. bad luck that these horses came." the fellow says, "what do i know about good luck and bad luck?"

few days go by and a bunch of thugs are coming, looking for recruits to join their gang and they're looking for all the able bodied young men. they're about to pick this young man but find out his leg is broken and they said, "we don't want him. we're going to move on to the next house." so the man comes and says, "good luck, isn't it, your son's leg was broken."

in one little series of episodes, we don't know what lies ahead. why don't you wait till you stand before God, face to face, and you will find out there were reasons why he didn't stop that trigger—so that you will see the heinousness of evil and see the majesty of love and good managing to navigate, yourself.

ravi zacharias.