on this momentuous day you came into this dark, cold world, the world has been so much more technicoloured ever since (i am certain of it). i want to let you know that i love your big, big heart. it is, hands down, my favourite thing about you and i hope that no matter what comes your way; you will never, ever stop wearing your heart on your sleeve and filling the world with kindness.

know that i am never prouder of you. you have fought so hard to fix all of your fractures (no matter how tiny), you have never given up in spite of all of your fear and through every storm, you have held on with all of your might and now you are absolutely unshakeable. you are, without a doubt, a survivor. you are my hero. and you are (and forever will be), the sun. after all this time, you have, at long last, found the love of your life. congratulations. it is you. it was all along.

as you forge ahead from here on, my wish for you now and always is that your words stay soft, your work and your will, hard, your dreams big and your heart true. i also hope that you will never, ever lose sight of silver linings and wherever you go, remember to always bring the magic!

happy mermaid day, princess.

look at the stars. look how they shine for you and all the things you do.

infinite x's and o's,
toujours vôtre