i received yet another rejection today from a job i had applied and landed an interview for. a rejection, no big deal. but the reasoning attached to this rejection was unbelievably patronising and quite honestly appalling—i had been so gutted with the No up until then. after i had read the text message (a strike in my books) in its entirety, realised i was thankful not to be aligned with such a character ultimately.

see? God is great and He is good. all the time.

why was this so affecting? firstly, this individual diminished the job position she was hiring for—made it seem almost insignificant and i am baffled as to why as this person is clearly seeking to hire help yet talks down/ill of the help? bizarre. the phrase "just a (job title here)" was used and it actually made me cringe.

secondly (and most importantly), the rejection had been patronising because this individual had made it seem like by rejecting me they were really doing me the favour and basically said i would be selling myself short by taking on the role. i feel that this is the lowest, most unrespectable thing one could do because it attempts to cast some sort of saintly light on one's actions when clearly it was a selfish decision.

number one. if somebody has told you that they have chosen something for themselves, do not ever discount or invalidate them. there were no hidden messages or implications—it was a conscious choice. to then throw someone's choice back in their face and treat them as ill-informed or ignorant is simply disgusting and uncalled for.

number two. there is no job that is higher or lower than the other. work is work at the end of the day, no matter your rank. to say that someone is "just a (job title)" is extremely narrow-minded and downright disrespectful. no matter what someone does for a livelihood does not define them as a person.

long story short, i received a rejection today. sure. but looking at the bigger picture, i  wholeheartedly feel like it had been God's way of letting me know that this person i had so blindly hoisted up, once again, on some pedestal is someone so very clearly unworthy. saved again.