hard to believe that exactly two decades ago i began down this path of blogging. what even did an 11 year-old have to write about? i did not know it then but blogging became my digital alternative to scribbling in paper journals.

i love the fact that i have never, ever stopped writing. though, the years has seen some nomadic transitioning on many various platforms, the fact is that i was always writing. i have been all along. i think i always will continue to. (another reason for me to maintain my single status—this side of me has not always been accepted or understood.)

you know, i do believe that if blogging had been available in the course of anne frank's life, it would be the most incredible gift the world would ever receive—one that would last for generations and generations. all of her firsthand accounts, entirely self-published. uncensored. untouched and untainted.

i would not be so bold to believe that anything i record or recount could compare to anything so historical and epic but if for nothing and no one else, this blog will be my something i get to leave behind in the world when it finally is time to go back to that great place in the sky.

to be perfectly clear and to reiterate, my focus for blogging is not to feed some narcissistic need to be remembered in this world. more so, it is simply something for me to remember my life for it is an endlessly enriching and enlightening one. a life that is colourful, comedic, messy but all mine. a life that i would not trade for anyone else's and a life i could never be grateful enough for. praise God.