job hunting has not been a walk in the park. in spite of the numerous Now Hiring advertisements, callbacks have been excruciatingly sluggish. how long does recruitment take to revert once one has completed a video interview? my current plan is to give it 14 business days. my hope is that i would not need to be following up as that would be a rather major turn-off, to be truthful.

is there something to be said about age and self-confidence? this process (job hunting) much like dating, i find, starts out fun but eventually becomes incommodious. to be sitting across from someone, self-glorifying. "tell me about a time you..."—starting every sentence with the word 'i' makes my skin crawl.

i would not have imagined i would still be needing to do all of this at the age that i am presently at. it is funny how old i truly feel some days but chalk it up to the fact that i really did live a hard and fast life in my 20s. patience has never been my strongest suit but these days, i suppose, it is all anyone really has. wait to be let go, wait to be discovered. wait to die, wait to live.