13 days in a row—what a streak(!)

i have to say i am really rather proud of myself for keeping up with my post per day goal. that said, there are still 197 days left before the year is officially in the wastebin so. let us not speak too soon, shall we?

every day now my life consists of writing (my single post for the day), reading (other blogs, mostly) and submitting my interest to be employed either by brands i personally love and back or for positions i know that i will be able to excel in. i must admit, however, that subsisting in a country where everything operates at the pace of a crawling snail is well and truly grievous. though, perhaps it might just be me completely failing to toot my own horn in outstanding fashion.

besides my uber busy days, i also have uber busy nights—attempting to consume every last disney production available now on disney plus. best subscription in 2021, hands down! i have also, as of this very morning, downloaded one more playrix mobile game: Manor Matters. i have made it as far as the first hard level. this is the first Find The Object format for playrix as far as i am concerned and the puzzles are tricky! i can somewhat foresee myself abandoning the game mid-way but we shall see. (i might end up surprising myself.)

now and again, i have bouts of missing romantic company/attention but these bouts are now becoming increasingly few and far between so there is that silver lining(!) i am now only two months away from successfully achieving my goal to stay single for an entire year!! once i cross off 12 months, i plan to focus on achieving the next one: make it to 36.