owing to the fact that i am now completely flat out of base data but my home wireless provider has special allocation for its affiliates, it was bye-bye disney plus and hello again, netflix for little ol' me. thankfully, i was recommended this wonderful gem of a show and in this post, i will be making my own selections of the three that are presented each episode. (if you do not appreciate spoilers, this would be the point in the post where you would hit the x button on your browser. hasta luego!)

episode one: "best of bali."
my choice is camaya bali because i love the designs of the bamboo houses and i think it would be a really lovely change to be surrounded by rice fields the next trip i make to bali. (if ever.)

episode two: "american adventure."
in this one, i love the luxury feature: tordrillo mountain lodge. i have to say, though that i am not a huge hike fan but it would definitely be an experience to climb the via ferrata.

episode three: "boats 'n floats."
hands down, it has to be the arkup for me. i love the fact that it actually moves and it would actually be so perfect for a special occasion.

episode four: "bizarre b&bs."
this was my second favourite episode because i am a superfan of unique stays. it was rather difficult to settle on a favourite but in the end, my pick is quetzalcoatl's nest simply because my chinese zodiac is the snake and i really loved all the artsy secret coves, nooks and crannies.

episode five: "private islands."
honestly, it is very difficult not to think luxury when it comes to islands. predictably, my favourite was cuvée's royal island. it was very reminiscent of club med for me but the real selling point is not needing to share with the public. major plus point!

episode six: "gourmet stays."
this, no doubt, was my number on favourite episode. i mean, hello? FOOD. enough said. again, really, really tough to select a favourite feature but in this episode, i fell head over feet in love with the budget property: la villa bonita. i think the idea of learning to make the meal before actually having the meal is dope.

episode seven: "trees 'n zzzs."
it was between two featured properties for me in this episode but ultimately, i chose: danville treehouse. it was the special little surprise that cemented my choice. i will not ruin it for anyone else who is still reading—see for yourself.

episode eight: "aloha, hawaii."
this one was a tough call because as much as i loved this property (biased because i am a huge sucker for waterfalls), i am really not sure i would love it for a long stay as the bathrooms are not attached to the rooms. anyway, my pick is kulaniapa falls. besides the falls, i really liked that their meal was very family-style and unpretentious.

watching this show brought a pang of envy and nostalgia. i have never been the sort to enjoy travelling for work however, getting the chance to actually research and handpick properties to feature on a lifestyle show is somewhat of a dream, i would say. as at the very present, i remain unemployed, unvaccinated with an expired passport, it would appear that the only travelling i have access to is simply through the internet. thanks, technology.