mardi, juillet 21

the thing about writing is that it needs to happen precisely in the moment when the urge and the inspiration hits you—a nanosecond too late and everything would dissipate just as quickly as the thoughts/ideas had come. but of course, here, i just speak for myself. confession: this post is (grossly) backdated. but i definitely wanted to write a prologue only because all the coolest "grown-up" books i'd read growing up always had one. and of course of all possible dates this blog could begin on, the date i inevitably chose was the day my last relationship came to a grinding halt.

i cannot help but feeling like this blog was a long (long) time coming. and in some rather strangely comforting way, this feels like me stepping into my destiny. in the posts to come, i plan on logging all of my reflections, realisations and realities of someone who intentionally selects staying single and, well, (hashtag) Forever Alone.