it's the first day of my four-day leave from work.

and i fully plan on utilising the time to streamline my life. also known as: trimming the fat.

of late, i've just been feeling more and more bogged down. i suppose the most apt description of what i've truly been feeling can be said to be akin to mental/emotional constipation. it's like i'm all choked up with the (utter) bullshit of fake friends and (disgustingly) out-of-season baggage. so, on my first day of freedom, my first order of business shall be: clearing down my entire phonebook and deleting, well, every phone number that's, in reality, truly non-essential. oh, yes. i'm going full "new phone. who dis?", y'all.

second on my agenda would be to downsize my bursting closet and items three and four on my list will be to complete (hopefully, all of) my blog drafts and organise (hopefully, all of) the media in rojo (my external hard drive), respectively.

i'm very excited to begin the process of purging and it feels très bon that the season is so aptly spring. it's sheer perfection and it's about time to shed all this (bloody) unnecessary weight and go into quarter two feeling so much lighter! santé!