after seeing the promotion for this show multiple times, i finally decided to give it a shot. smashed through all eight episodes in a mere matter of hours so it's safe to say i absolutely loved it!!!

label me a nerd but i really love myth busting/human discovery shows like this (science really is SO COOL). my favourite episodes were four ("Are You Biased?") and six ("How To Be Happy"). however, my most favourite experiment was the one testing the direct effect(s) of praise and criticism— it was very cool to witness.

i wish there was some way i could participate in shows as such here. unfortunately, though, creative/original content is so gravely lacking hell would sooner freeze over. it really is things like these shows that make me so envious of those who live in forward-thinking worlds. it must be so cool to be able to know you were part of something totally groundbreaking.

now, i really hope they'll bring on a second season— but with a whole new sample of a hundred different humans, of course!