decided i'd commemorate my last elevator ride up to work last night... and then i realise i hadn't actually captured my floor number in the frame. d'oh.

walking into the office building's lobby was strange. there were small clusters of people all working on laptops in face masks. some were just grouped and chatting. most likely new joiners that were still in training. there was a sort of strange electricity in the air. there were people with their backpacks clutching laptops, keyboards and casually hollering out goodbyes. all the team leaders were present— even the ones from the day teams.

the focus was on getting ourselves equipped with all the necessary items we would need to be fully functional in a makeshift set-up at home. myself and three other members of the team were each handed a laptop with a label marked with a number, a keyboard, a mouse and a headset before we were then taken through a guided simulation. once complete, we had to conduct some final tests and then we were told that we could leave for home.

the set-up was significantly less complicated than i'd initially feared it would be so i felt my excitement grow. in fact, if this could be a permanent arrangement moving forward, i would gladly choose it over needing to drive into the city every evening.

anyway, having completed a half-day's shift, i'd say that experiencing sound and call quality issues is the biggest pain point of this whole work-from-home endeavour. as well, the navigating around the comparatively tiny screen of a laptop as we are required to have multiple screens opened simultaneously and do a lot of multi-tasking with the screens. it was a total impairment to my call handling time but i am hopeful that all it requires is some conditioning and it'll get better in due time.

today is officially the first day of the movement restriction order and really, it's just life as usual for me.