not even the 100th day into this "new decade" and it's like the world has imploded.

hello, first horseman. the malaysian prime minister announced that the country would launch into restricted movement mode in his address to the nation last night. since then, i've had a grand total of one colleague who, during shift, admitted aloud she was really panicked and this afternoon, another one bitching out over whatsapp. not ideal. though, i really don't understand what all of the hype and (building) tension is really for. it's just a relentless iteration of "practise social distancing", "wash your hands", "quarantine", "zero contact" and if i'm being completely honest here, to me, it's a whole lot of fearmongering.

i understand the severity of the infection but to just freak yourself out senseless? surely, that's not healthy either.

anyway, here i was actually relishing the thought that i'd actually get to be in an empty office all on my own when just some 30 minutes ago, i received a phone call from a senior manager informing me that it's mandatory now to work from home. Lord, have mercy.

to be clear, the issue i have is not with working from home (as a matter of fact, i do better working completely independently). rather, the issue here (in my present role) is the fact that working from home will require some tech setting up— without which, my productivity will suffer a direct impediment. so, nervous about that, my preference is not to work from home but it would appear now that i now have no further say in the matter.

fuck. my life.

with no preparation and no practise whatsoever; here we go, y'all! all of us, into this new unknown. wish somebody would hurry up and concoct a vaccine already but until then... i guess there's nothing else to do but to keep calm and keep washing your hands.