so the season's over! were the outcomes shocking? yes.

as far as my predictions went, i'd already known that mark and jessica wouldn't work out. that much was obvious. i guess i figured kelly and kenny would suffer the same fate just because kelly was persistent in refusing consummation. it's the thing that women only do when they know they could leave the poor dude at any given moment. i was truly sad for gianina— that was embarrassing for her. and truth be told, i don't see what it is that's so special about this damian person but, beauty most definitely lies in the eye of the beholder.

if i had to draw any conclusions, i can honestly say that all this show has done is prove to me that the older a woman is, the more fussy and entitled she feels/becomes. i guess people who ultimately end up alone do because they simply believe that no one is (or will be) ever good enough. in that, they consider themselves superior and is rigid in the sense that they do not believe people can grow/evolve.

my initial inference had been that there would've been more couples who were successful if they'd been older in age but since watching the finale and looking at the entire experiment as a whole, i realise i'm wrong.

age is not the factor, it's the conviction one has in the constitution of marriage.

in the case of jessica batten (spinster supervillain numero uno), she herself cited her parents' marriage failure as a large contributor to her "not being able to believe." add to that, no family member of hers were ever present on-screen and she walked down the aisle completely alone. an individual like herself may just be too far, too much, too long independent to ever be able to bend for someone else to be in her life wholly.

in the case of kelly (sidekick spinster villain), she is too convinced (and to some extent, deluded) by her ideology of "a perfect partner" and keeps making comparison to some ghost ex who, for all intents and purposes, she conveniently forgets to harp on why that relationship had failed.

speaking as a woman, for as many pros as my exes may have had, the only thing that truly matters at the end of the day is: but why did things have to end?

the crux of the matter is always in that there is something that was simply irreparable. whether fundamentally, within the persons themselves and/or as a whole, relationship in itself. i found it profound what kelly's older sister had said in her one-on-one interview before the aisle and altar fiasco happened though sadly, it was truly lost on kelly.

having watched a show (and social experiment) as such, i now just have this one take away: we are the ones who will all make our own choices but one day, our choices will, in turn, make us.