it's no secret that i am a child of the internet. and by that extension, it means that i grew up as the internet grew up. the older generation may consider us to be one neverending mockery but the struggle today isn't any different than the struggle years and years ago— everybody's just trying to be somebody. the only difference is that now, thanks to the wonderful existence of the world wide web, kids realise it's basically just an attention-seeking challenge of who can out-attention-seek who.

influencer, instagrammer, internet famous; no matter what that 'i-n' word may be, they all begin with a big, huge, capital I.

not going to lie, i would be over the moon overjoyed if some day i had all the money enough to let me live in luxury for the remainder of my time here on earth and the only thing i had to concentrate on every day, for the rest of my days, was blogging. taking pictures, creating videos, experiencing a myriad of different sights, sounds, tastes, colours to capture it all on (virtual) paper. IT WOULD ONLY BE THE BEST LIFE EVER. but i have to admit that the one thing that truly scares me is becoming a total sell-out. i don't want to fear my sponsors. i don't want to lose my true voice. i don't want to have the option of honest opinion be removed and revoked. and so, as much of a (gigantic financial) help it'd be to be sponsored items, services, adventures and just about everything under the sun; the truth is, if there's one thing i could instill and advocate to anyone (if, at all), it would be to never, ever, stop being first and foremost, totally self-sufficient.

give yourself the real power to afford something. never allow anybody the pleasure, the satisfaction and the authority to claim that they were the ones that made you.

as much as i internally despise how much i am a slave to (corporate) salary, i really have to be humbled for the fact that i am looked after. and that my present income has opened up some avenues for me. it's a slow uphill climb at this point— i so terribly want to be making more(!!) but i have to keep pushing myself to exercise more patience.

i don't know what other people might try to influence with their (so-called) "influence" today; and i don't doubt that we all champion our own causes. but to you who's reading this on the other side of the screen, if there is just one thing i have to impart to you, it's 200% this: don't ever be a sell-out. don't aim to be one, don't end up one. build yourself. it's slow, it's painful, but trust me— it's so much better.