it's rare i'd ever admit this aloud but i'm fucking devastated. Lord only knows how mad i am right now at myself. in some desperate attempt to salvage this situation, i'd actually found an alternate data recovery service provider and all had seemed promising for a bit. now, come to find out, there's some mysterious password set encrypting the bloodyfuckinggodforsaken drive that i am pretty damn sure i've never set and just my (shitty) luck, western digital's tech support just has to be based in china and all i can be told is to keep calling back because there's just one agent there the wuhan virus hasn't taken out. apparently.

as much as i am sad, looking at this tragedy objectively, the only person i have to fault here is myself. it should've just been that i'd gotten back in touch with the initial service provider i'd engaged the minute i'd discovered the missing folder. maybe then there could've still been a fighting chance to recover these photos. i was just deterred by the tediousness of having to drive the drive over, et cetera and the thought of possibly needing to pay extra. so now, as heartbroken as i am to face this reality, i guess i simply have no choice (unless, by some true miracle, a good samaritan reading this just happens to know how to decrypt a wd ultra passport external hard drive).

i've been lucky enough not to need too many hard lessons as such in life. only because i get extremely hurt when this sort of shit blows up in my face and i learn quickly to avoid (a) second occurance(s). though, it would appear that i definitely needed to learn this so as to not take anything for granted.

in this digital age, losing photographs and videos are definitely the most painful thing to have to endure. damn. lesson fuckin' learnt.