decided on a whim to write about this because it's an interesting (moral?) dilemma and one i've been ruminating for a while on now:
is it possible for two people to be wholehearted friends and proclaim that they love one another when both hold total polar opposite fundamental principles?
to fill in the blanks; say you are a victim of domestic abuse, would you be able to totally accept and befriend somebody who domestically abuses their spouse/significant other? if you have already been friends for some time, would you still be able to love and accept this person if this fact were to come to light?

now replace 'domestic abuse' with murder, rape, compulsive cheating, cannibalism, paedophilia and/or anything else you personally may feel strongly about. something that speaks to the core of you— not something superficial like the fact that you both have dissimilar tastes in music and/or fashion, for example.

in that, i guess the simpler form of the question would be: could a rape victim ever be friends with a rapist? (whether or not the latter is reformed is excluded from the premise.)

is being someone's friend (and by that extension, loving them) for them or does it end up being something more for you? is there truth in the saying birds of a feather flock together and can one truly be all embracing of another even (and especially) in knowing that reputation comes from the company you keep?

this, in all honesty, is my present internal struggle.

and one that will remain pending as i continue to contemplate because life, as it turns out, can sometimes (much to my frustration and mild annoyance) be swathed in 50 shades of grey.