found written in neat, looping cursive on the last page of a cloth-bound notebook.

you are everything that i am so proud to say i have become. if you're reading this, please know these things you ought to never (ever) forget:

always, always trust your instincts. they are good voices and the truest friends you may never know but will always need. don't be afraid. they will never lead you astray.

the things that people think and say of you are truly none of your business. if they'd like to share with you, good. if they choose not to, good. God is the only one who needs to know everything. and He does. (He always will.) so, that's good enough.

when you're happy, pray. when you're sad, pray. when you're scared, pray. prayer is your direct line to God and if you need help, don't be too proud to ask. He will always come for you.

you're okay. everything is okay. and everything always will be. (i promise.)

you are absolutely perfect, exactly the way you are.