i had first learnt of aaron hernandez the nfl star player turned killer fairly recently through a reference made by a stand-up comic within his set. hence yesterday, 200 minutes of my life (and by association, booboo's) was donated to watching of this true crime documentary series. and the thing that'd caught me absolutely off-guard was finding out that he was born the same year i'd been. to realise that he had died before he'd turned 30 shocked me. and for me, what was most interesting about the whole documentary was learning about his childhood and growing up. personally, i am of the belief that everything we become in life and all that we are in present time is everything our past makes us. i am of the school of thought that all human behaviour is learned. although, it's a little bit funny how the issue of his health (re: brain condition) wormed its way into the discussion towards the end. after having watched this three hour, 33 minute documentary, i am still totally clueless about the reason behind the murder of odin lloyd. and what i also don't really understand is this focus on his struggle and supposed shame for embracing his sexuality. whilst i don't discount the fact that the need to declare your personal preference for who you're attracted to might be terrifying and to some, (very) difficult; my question is: why does anybody need to make any sort of announcement or declaration at all? isn't love and sex just personal?

maybe i'm the alien here because i've never really believed that people need to stand in front of (a) crowd(s) to inform everybody I Am This, That, The Other. when you introduce your significant other to your friends and family, won't people already be able to piece things together? i mean, does it need to be declared like you have a highly contagious disease or a potentially threatening condition?

whilst i liked the filmography and how the bits were threaded together in the final episode (especially, the epilogue of a telephone conversation recording between hernandez and his family), i have to admit that i didn't really find the storytelling to be very neat (in terms of structure). there were times where it felt jumpy and quite honestly, redundant. there was a lot of repetition where there needn't have been and just some scene changes that felt sporadic. however, all of this, again, is purely just my personal take on it.