what if this year, you start and end every day by counting your blessings?

what if this year, you do everything you swear you were always going to do?

what if this year, you push yourself (every opportunity you get) to reach more; climb higher?

what if, this year, you keep your focus on nothing but all of the silver linings?

may this year be everything you say you'll make of it. may this year be your reminder of why you've started and how you've made it where you are. may you continue to be brave and kind— be kind towards all who're brave (including yourself) and to be (so) brave to keep being kind. especially in the face of unkindness. to never forget that love is always the answer. and may this year be the year that you realise all the possibilities there is and can be.

happy new decade, to me and to you, world. welcome to the wawasan.