my year in music, according to spotify.

thank you for the round-up.

once a pophead, always a pophead. it's nice to have the validation in knowing that some things about me will never change. and whilst i am largely a music enthusiast and universal music lover, pop is what i was first exposed to and became incredibly acquainted with— pop is what i subsequently fell in love with and pop is, and perhaps will always be (now even as witnessed by spotify), my forever love.

what had surprised me (significantly, i might add) is the fact that taylor swift has allegedly dominated my 2019 listening. whilst i don't claim open swiftie status, i do give credit where credit is due and i think that musically, she has been very clever with her craft (damn that track 13!). discovering and falling in like with bts was also very much a surprise for me albeit a welcomed one and i question halsey's spot on my list because i know that i've definitely listened to way more chelsea cutler, bil musa and more recently, tabitha nauser.

an interesting recap either way. i'm already curious about next year's(!)