let me just preface this with a sweeping proclamation: christmas really should be my first name, middle and last. although, contrary to the belief that this automatically sums up to me donning all the colours of a christmas tree and skipping down (santa claus) lane in my elfin socks and shoes, i'll have you know— it doesn't. what i love about christmas is the magic that's in the air. the hope. the buzz of (sometimes secret) anticipation. maybe this year, there'll be something under the tree for me. or someone knocking at the door?

jack frost, chestnuts roasting, all the silvery, wintery, icy everything you could bring yourself to muster. that magical je ne sais quois is positively unmistakable. and it's about surprises. surprising. successfully (re)injecting the joy and excitement back into some old jaded heart. no matter how teenytiny. just the warming realisation that someone has noticed you(r plight) enough to treat you to a small indulgence you would otherwise be quick to deprive yourself.

it never needs to come down to the size or the price of the gift, what lit me up this christmas is the delightful mix of experiencing booboo's unadulterated surprise when he had discovered his gift on the living room couch christmas morning, successfully celebrating one more christmas eve mass and keeping that streak going strong!!, the feature of all my favourites and being (so) lucky enough to receive everything i've wanted and needed.

indeed, my cup overflows.

this christmas season (and heading towards the imminent new year), i hope to do better with taking the time to remind myself of all the things that truly matter. i may not always have had a lot in life and things have never really been easy (for me) but all that i have and everything that i am in this moment, is not just enough— it's more than.