it has been a whole minute and a half for me— just trying to firm up this elusive concept of a re-design. one re-watch of disney's Up was all it took for me to get bent on having a (completely self-customised) scrapbook look and feel. God bless the designer with all the talent, skill, patience and courage to take me on as a client. you know my standards are simply nothing short of sky high, ahem. if you're looking to have someone bring to life your ideas, be sure to reach out with a brief, a moodboard, heck, maybe even a live working example you could maybe reference to transform into your very own. go bananas. (you're welcome.)

december has shot off like a bright burst of hanabi and i cannot be more overjoyed. though work has been absolutely intense and there is that unmistakable, ever-so-slight hue of sepia brushed over this entire final month of the year, i cannot complain for how things have (finally, it feels like!) fallen into place.

i have a job i don't entirely despise, a boyfriend, possible new digs on the horizon and i really haven't been ailed all that much. all thanks be to God. and though the future still most definitely freaks me out, i must confess that i am thoroughly looking forward to the looming brand spanking new year and all the adventures it possibly holds. hey, what can i say? i'm a total sucker for fresh starts and new beginnings. yes sir.