it started off with a "zero downpayment!" and snowballed from there.

"you won't need to pay anything until you've received your keys!"

"we'll also throw in a cash rebate!"

"you'll always end up with more money than when you started out— property is an appreciating asset!"

and i'll tell you as much— as of an hour ago, clinch line number two is officially debunked. my repayments are to kick in next year (happy 2020 to me!) thanks to a little something fun called interest over time. joy.

i was lowkey considering skiving work today but i guess that plan has just been cancelled. and though i was clearly experiencing jitters, i know deep down that i simply cannot carry on living this way anymore. this place simply isn't my place. (and mid-meeting, i was, once again, reminded of just that. how serendipitous.) all it is is the house i grew up in and that, too i had zero say over.

funny how when i'd been a kid, all i wanted was for time to hurry up— i just couldn't wait to grow up so i could make all my own rules. now that i'm as old as i am, though, the only thing i can say about growing up is that adulting really sucks.

children, be careful what you wish for. because everything (and i mean, every thing) comes with a price.