it's no surprise that i can never be without my cellphone, christmas. and now that i've pretty much exiled myself from the realm of social media, i spend the pockets of spare time that i have between necessary (daily) activities within a day playing mobile games. here are the five games i currently keep going back to in order of preference:

essentially a game that requires some strategy and matching. it's developed by peak and listed on the app store as a puzzle game. which would explain why i enjoy it. i particularly enjoy the graphics and all the fun bombs and rockets on the screen. i've been playing this game for almost a year now(?) and my goal is to hopefully complete the game some day though, at this rate, it feels like there is no actual end to the game and that's okay with me, too.

i believe i might've come across the advertisement for this game whilst playing "The Sims Mobile" but i really can't be sure. at any rate, this is a relatively new favourite as i really, really love Spot The Difference sort of games. developed by wooga, there'd been an initial game proceeding the release of this one (which i will touch on in a short while) but what i really love about this game is the storyline and the graphics. it's actually pretty realistic and whilst i'm intrigued to find out what happens in the end, i feel i'm taking my time to play as i'd really feel lost once i complete it. whilst i don't entirely care for decorating the estate (landing screen), i suppose it's a good way to stretch out the game and to also add another layer to break the monotony of it being so one-dimensional.

another one by peak, you'd be able to tell by now that i'm someone quite driven by my likes. ironically, i'd downloaded this game prior to discovering "Toy Blast" and found it quite fun. however, i'm not a huge fan of the graphics (it feels a bit too dated) and find the puzzles quite ridiculous sometimes. it's a bit too hard sell on trying to get players to spend money on in-app purchases and that's honestly a huge turn-off.

the predecessor to "June's Journey" (i do believe?), this game's graphics is then understandably (far) more dated in comparison to the aforementioned. and for that reason, i do not enjoy it as much as i do "June's Journey." again, ironically, i'd actually discovered and subsequently downloaded "June's Journey" before i'd learnt of this particular game's existence (read: "Pearl's Peril"). besides the fact that it is basically a second Spot The Difference game i get to indulge in once i run out of energy on "June's Journey", the only other appeal to the game for me is the little breaks in-between primary gameplay where i'd get to try my hand at assembling a puzzle or claim rewards from characters within the game. once again, there is a decorating element on the landing screen which is supposed to help with accumulating rewards and points and all that stuff but i find the loading to be laggy and the datedness of the graphics somewhat irks me thus is off-putting. go figure. however, for as much as i've vocalised my disrelish for the quality of graphics, though, i must say that i'm a fan of the game's sfx.

this one is an ode to my childhood and perhaps that's why i will always have a soft spot for it. developed by the legendary (though, maybe that's just according to me) ea games, this game is supposed to be the condensed version of the desktop giant that ate the life of anyone who has ever dared play it. whilst i'm hugely appreciative of the ability to really customise my sim and, of course, participate in missions to accomplish sim life goals such as buy furniture, lock down a job, build a hobby, et cetera; if i'm being completely honest, i find the gameplay rather restricting and for lack of a better word, boring. besides the occasional trip downtown or to crash attend/throw a party, there really isn't much to do besides wake up, go to work or, if you prefer, turn your sim into a casanova (gender irrespective). whilst on the actual game, there are some rather random (but also entertaining) options for sims to do things like drown in a swimming pool, catch fire in a kitchen and for the ones that die as a result of these reckless selections— haunt a living space; there are no such spontaneous choices in the mobile version of this childhood favourite of mine and so, admittedly, i've now kept this game on the backburner. i'll most likely make a return to see if i can really graduate the levels within the game without cheating and resorting to spending real-life money out of sheer frustration and impatience though, it may not be any time soon and definitely (maybe?) not before i complete all the other four games in my list.