a year ago today, there was me— lugging three bags, two bucks and one me. coming through the arrivals gate at the airport, slightly dazed, somewhat tired and all at once thinking: Now, What (The Fuck)?

i want to say so much has happened. i want to say everything's different now. i want to wax lyrical about all my revelations and renewed sense of living but the barenaked truth is that everything is now reverted back to one.

it's life on a hamster wheel at its finest. always running fast— and yet, running fast to nowhere. day in, day out, everything ends up just blurring together and life is so rarely past cyclical. though, maybe one could say it's possibly subliminally serendipitous that on the anniversary of my homecoming, i am granted the reminder to stop. take one giant step back and to just be still and drink in the big(ger) picture.

somewhere along the way, i guess i had fallen back to what was easy. keeping quiet, keeping my head down and keeping on. but if it's time to stop and look the fuck up to realise that this is where i am, then so be it.

welcome to wherever you are. and when you're looking in the mirror, do you like who you see?