seeing as how booboo had been generous enough to spoil me with a pre-birthday treat, it was only fair that i returned the love. (i like that this very well may be the start of our own tradition for celebrating one another's birthdays.)

my idea of a pre-birthday surprise was a two-person atv ride to waterfalls— something i knew for a fact booboo had never had a chance to do in all of his years residing here. i was determined to keep it under wraps for as long as i could and would've almost pulled it off if not for the fact that i hadn't blindfolded him on the 30 minute car ride over and there were too many obvious signs to ignore as we'd neared the endpoint.

the fact that i was able to book and pre-pay our ride was extremely convenient and though there was a slight miscommunication as to which waterfalls i'd wanted us to ride to, i think in the end, it was to both our favour that we'd completed the basic trail (package b).

though i've ridden atv's five times prior to this experience, the models of the vehicles have since been updated and it was obvious that my handling competency was (hella) rusty. as well, my grasp wasn't as quick as with the prior (older) models hence i did struggle somewhat to re-learn. booboo, on the other hand, with all his vocalising of concerns for the safety of the activity ended up taking to it like a duck to water. and embarrassingly, as much as i was trying to act tough by situating myself at the back of the pack, it ended up being me who'd needed the guide to bail me out twice (maybe even thrice)!

as luck would have it, there'd been an influx of groups that had randomly turned up that day hence, it was definitely a blessing in more ways than one that our booking got a little mixed up. seeing as how the majority of the large(r) groups had opted for package c, it wouldn't have been the best experience having to deal with loud, noisy, crowds at the waterfalls as well as needing to constantly slow down to wait for randoms to pass.

my recommendation is still to always aim for having the last slot of any sunday because chances are people would have a tendency to take on this sort of activity first thing in the morning and by last call, you'd likely have a more private (quieter) time and in order to secure a slot for sure, booking ahead and pre-paying (if possible) is honestly best.

i wasn't too careful with booboo's socks being in my bag and knowing that i'd dropped them made him pretty upset but at the end of the day, my almost-birthday-boy declared that he had found the experience enjoyable and would definitely not say no to doing it all over again. sounds like a win to me!