today marks four weeks since my last update. so much for wanting to be diligent and logging every moment of my journey here. tut, tut. i'm terrible, yes. i know. well, since the days leading up to my leaving home, i've pretty much hit the ground running. two intense days in singapore later, i hop on a four and a half hour-ish flight and find myself here in paradise. it's strange but somehow, i feel as if all of the things i've experienced and really come to familiarise with in my life has very much so prepared me for this.

the first person i meet is the funniest, sweetest, kindest and most helpful person— who reminds me so much of my guy best friend from another time in my life and who also turns out to be, my neighbour. he has since left and so has one other person i really liked off the bat. and there it goes— the meeting, the instant liking, the having to part not long after. story of my life.

the strangest thing i have to admit to encountering, though is having full-on attention. it's no doubt this life, this place is a bubble. the size of which is even more amplified due to the fact that we're all on an island full of holidaymakers and staff. it's slim pickings, for sure. and the fact that there's only so much to do after hours doesn't help tremendously. but i've just tried to get my head down, blend in. and, you know, like always, i just feel like i've done nothing more than colossally suck.

maybe it's because i know i've slacked a ton and i really should just buck the fuck up. (truth be told, putting all of this down in writing is no help one bit to my conscience either.)

perhaps i'll put in a late night tonight. seeing as how i have a call with regional tomorrow. fml.

so i'm not sure if this'll serve as useful knowledge to anybody else but if there's a soul looking (for whatever reason) to relocate to the maldives, here's a thing or two i can tell you about the place: one, if you're on any type of medication at all, plan out how much you'll require in the duration of your stay, purchase in bulk and bring it all with you. for that matter, do the same with dental floss and nipple covers/stickers. i haven't actually ventured into looking for either myself but i've been told that these things will probably not exist for sale anywhere. so far, toiletries have been a dream to shop for because the variety is OFF THE CHARTS!

two, any place you take a cab to within the capital will cost 25usd regardless of the distance. three, it is entirely possible to have a wax that's clean and fast. i wouldn't vouch for it being cheap but if you ever felt like you needed to do a bit of housekeeping— head for salon femina because the place has bomb reviews and it's better to just go with a recommendation with something like this, methinks.

four, just bring a whole lot of usd. it's the preferred currency and somehow, everything just sounds a whole lot more expensive in ruffiya (because they count things by the hundreds and thousands). five, it's really not too terrible a place to live in except everything is done at a dying snail's pace. account for that and try your utmost always to be anywhere at the crack of dawn. well. that's my strategy (for life) anyway.

i'm fading now. and that's all i can think of off the top of my head anyway. i'll definitely make it a point to update more, i promise. not for anybody else's sake, really— just so i don't actually get amnesia some day and just forget an entire portion of my existence here.