it was a long weekend last week on account of "new malaysia" and all that (fun first time in history) jazz. so off to a luau we three went on friday night. pineapples, rum and hula hoops galore! it was a sweet and dinky do— the crowd wasn't particularly outstanding but there was good music and fun enough people in denim shorts and grass skirts so all in all, it did end up being a good time.

we closed with a lowkey pow-wow at junglebird and that was friday.

saturday night was another lowkey affair. (the absolute best kind!)
a home barbecue featuring an array of pork and beef cuts— nothing but meat. and there were fun treats for dessert which is always delightful. sweets are my kryptonite after all.

a relatively early end. there was talk of hitting the club but i wasn't entirely up for heading into town. cuddling at home on a couch would've been my preferred choice but i hopped into juneau and took the long way home.

sunday was mother's day.
decided to opt out on group celebrations and instead took momsy on a waffle date for tea. the café was, as usual, a full house but it was really lovely to see other families celebrating the most integral figure of any family. definitely a nice, warm memory of personal time with momsypie.

my evening agenda was rather off the cuff. but it was really nice to be pleasantly caught off-guard, i'll say that much. as always, the timing of my life leaves much to be desired but the beauty of it all is that it leaves things in a state of chill. which, after the nightmare false start earlier in the year, is more than extremely welcomed.

and now it's exactly seven days until i supposedly leave the country. i say supposedly because nothing has been confirmed as yet and whilst i have an urge to get a headstart on packing, i'd like to have firm information on, well, everything before i get to that. it's frustrating, to say the least but if it means buying myself extra time at home, i guess i'll quietly (and gladly) accept the blessing/s.

isn't it funny how things always seem to go? the minute