happy first of the month!

a brand new month, another new start. hooray!!! i'm genuinely looking forward to everything may will bring and hopefully it will be a solid month for second attempts. january brought a lot of big changes and felt so, so huge and promising and april was all loss. so i'm really holding my breath that may will be a slow and steady and rebuild and hopefully by june (birthday month and also, mid-year!) everything will feel a lot more rooted and concrete. God willing.

earlier today, momsy and i had ourselves a day out and we ended the day on a sweet note— with the most divine belgian waffles!! the ice-cream flavour was my choice: honey cheese and it was simply scrumptious.

so it's t-20 days to departure and boy, oh, boy does it feel like there are lots to do!!! first thing tomorrow, i'm going to have to make a visit to the inland revenue office and then to ssm to register my business, to the bank to open up a bank account and finally, look into possibly scheduling an appointment with my gynaecologist. so much to do and time's a-ticking!