anyone who knows me well at all will know that i have a strange fixation with teeth— in that, i tend to notice a lot beyond the average person. now, i've personally always been conscious of my teeth which is perhaps where the abnormal preoccupation stems from if i were to make an educated guess.

last friday, i'd decided to pay a follow-up visit to doctor kate of inspired dental to revisit my file and speak with her on my treatment plan. but when i'd arrived, i was made to wait over 35 minutes and was told by the receptionist that there was a major delay due to some patients who arrived late to their appointment and i was asked if it'd be alright for me to wait an additional 30 minutes, essentially turning the wait time into over an hour. obviously, i was pissed off and extremely disgruntled with the level of service. so i ended up doing a quick search on other dental clinics within the vicinity and was directed to all smile dental specialist that was three minutes away. i rang to check if the clinic was full.

the receptionist assured me that there was no queue so i booked a car and headed over.

upon entering, i noticed that the clinic was dead empty save for the staff behind the counter. after filling out a form, i was asked to wait for a couple of minutes and then i was called to enter the room.

the doctor who attended to me was a petite chinese lady who seemed really young. she didn't introduce herself. she just asked what the problem was and what my concerns were and that's how we began the session.

things took a slightly strange turn when she began recommending me to go back on braces. she kept iterating she was merely presenting "options" but her tone was condescending and the "consult" ended up being really uncomfortable.

in the end, it just seemed as if she was unwilling and did the job half-heartedly. also, i had to be the one to ask how to address her and she seemed reluctant to give her name (clearly). it was an entirely strange experience and my reason for writing this is to serve as a simple warning to anybody who might chance across this post: be so careful when deciding on any type of doctor for treatment and please pay attention to your instincts.

although something wasn't sitting right following the initial "consult" i was still stubborn and decided i wasn't going to waste an afternoon without actually having any treatment so i'd pressed. and that was how it felt like the ultimate job done was half-assed. as soon as her hands had lifted off of my mouth, i felt massively uncomfortable and could hardly close my jaw to bite down. now i'm no medical professional but it had just felt like she'd fucked up. it felt wrong. so i'd voiced that and she'd said "it'll take some getting used to" and proceeded to give flimsy excuses as to why it might feel awkward.

i had to keep insisting (that it was uncomfortable) before she decided to rectify following which she asked "okay? better?' in a tone that, for some reason, i found to be rather cutting/sarcastic. also, i was told that the treatment would cost 280myr but when i went to pay, the bill presented to me was 320myr. "doctor always takes the 40myr consult fee," the nurse had insisted. this was also a point of discomfort for me as normally, dentists waive the consult fee if patients follow through with the treatment as far as i know.

paid 320myr and walked away dissatisfied but also, lowkey terrified to cause trouble because one: it was almost closing time, two: this doctor lee seemed to be disagreeable with me and three: i just didn't want additional problems. i mean, in a situation as such, i'm clearly at the mercy of the doctor. as mentioned, i'm no medical professional so whatever is told to me, i have to take on blind faith.

yesterday afternoon, i'd scheduled a second appointment with doctor thiru of pristine dental and true enough, my suspicions had been confirmed— the job that was done by aforementioned doctor lee was improper and, well, laughable, really. because she hadn't done anything worthy of 320myr and i basically got suckered. fuck.

doctor thiru suggests i revisit with her (to justify the money i'd paid) but i quickly shut that down as it was truly an uncomfortable experience and i didn't feel like she'd appreciate my coming back to tell her off or demand anything additional from her.

the moral of this story is that it never pays to rush into these things and whilst you may be dead set on seeking treatment, sometimes, it's just better to be safe than sorry.