i should really get to working on my drafts. i've got a couple of travel posts half-hanging. it has been somewhat difficult to crack down and write— i'm enjoying my newfound free time so, so much. all things considered, this break-up was perfect timing. i have definitely needed time to just be in moments. i sleep when i want. wake when i want. and have managed to deepen my bond with netflix. also, thanks to having found my old writing journal, i have been practising my penmanship a lot. working on lists and making sure i have all of my lessons noted down. as much as it was a shock to have had the rug pulled out from under me, this was the second time in my life that i'd prayed for God to assist and intercede to cast away anything that was not going to be pure and true and long-term serving. it's very (very) good for me to know that God still hears all of my prayers. and at this time of writing, i'm feeling super positive that i'll be able to take on two years of singlehood— no problem-o.

managed to watch a number of movies which will be content for a separate post altogether. just wanted to jump on here quickly to let everybody know that i'm 100% out of the woods and reset. heartbreaks don't get easier, my healing just takes place quicker. i'm not sure if that made any sense but to put it simply: it helps to understand, realise and accept that the problem is not at all me. a handful of people have been genuinely helpful in this regard to provide their unbiased opinions. and 10 out of 10 of them have validated the fact that leopards don't change their spots and tigers can't rid their stripes. my one evening convening with a former student of mine has forever changed my perspective on things. and it truly was a beautiful moment where our roles reversed and i, once the teacher, became the student instead.

the past week has been a showering of love and blessings for me. i am never ceased to be utterly amazed at how much i keep receiving even when i sometimes feel like i've lost (it all). i am so very grateful to everybody who has shown concern in their own unique way/s and i hope you'll all know that the love you put out will only make its way back round to you some day.

love, light, blessings and sloppyoppy kisses!