it has finally been made possible. i have arrived at this stage following many, many years of Reboots and Try Agains with blogging— i have finally been blessed with the opportunity and absolute privilege to work with an incredibly talented designer to, at long last, craft the layout of my dreams! (well, at least for the next few decades or so!)

this post commemorates the start of a brand new journey in a brand new direction. and how apt, too. seeing as how yesterday, i was fortunate enough to bear witness to this beautiful individual's coming full circle. an end to one life, a beginning of another. it was truly moving to know and see for myself that struggles can and in fact, do pay off. and that a relationship that is built on and rooted in Christ is truly one that'll be smooth-sailing and always accomplished through all that is rough and tough in life.

i was really grateful to have been given the honour to be present. and wish nothing but happiness to the newlyweds! onwards and onwards!

following the wedding, and on a total whim, i decided i'd kidnap this lovely young lady and take her on an adventure up the only mountain i know that's easy enough for me to access: genting highlands!

i figured it'd be the perfect opportunity to talk, stroll, shop maybe, eat (of course!) and create memories. boy, did we! towards the end of the night, we ended up getting rather lost trying to get ourselves back to the parking garage. it wasn't exactly the sort of adventure i'd had in mind but it was one nonetheless!

thankful for the fact that my sunday was spent productively. when it comes to sundays, i'm usually stuck on one mode: bummed out because it means saying goodbye to the weekend.